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Sunday, March 16, 2014

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tally.ERP9 Services, Web Hosting & Designing, Domain Registration,Customization,Fusion,Data integration & Migration


Tally Support : +91 11 40529090


Software Development, Tally.ERP9 Services, Web Hosting, Domain Registration & Web Designing


Company Services

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Branded Computers, Laptop  (IBM Server, DELL, HP, HCL, SONI)  Free Classifieds, Free Ads & Services,,,

Sales & Support Call: 011 40529090, 09911276790,

a)      Telephone Support on Tally

b)      E-mail Support on Tally

c)      Remote Support on Tally

d)      To ensure that regular updates are given as and when they are available.

e)      Integration advice support where feasible with existing Software Data

f)        Loss Prevention strategies.       

g)      Advise & help to utilize the software to the maximum extent.

h)      Conversion of Data from earlier version to Latest version.

Exclusive Service:

1.       Customize any type of report as per your requirement

2.       Data Synchronization of Remote location and Multiple Branches

3.       Data Integration with any software (ERP,Oracle, SAP, MSSql, .NET, Java, Ms-Acess, Excel , Foxpro and Others)

              Hope the above is in perfect line to your requirements. In anticipation of an early confirmation.  Assuring our best services always.

Other Services offered by Cevious Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

Tally Sales & Service :

·         Tally Implementation

Ø  Excise for Manufacturers

Ø  Excise for Dealers

Ø  Payroll

Ø  Service Tax




Ø  Value Added Tax

Ø  Central Sales Tax

·         Tally Customization

Ø  Voucher Level Security

Ø  Approval control Entry

Ø  Cost Centre Wise P & L

Ø  Customized Invoice

Ø  Cheque Printing with Advice

Ø  Excise Invoice

Ø  Barcoding Customization

Ø  Any type of Customization

·         Tally Synchronization

·         Tally Data Migration

·         Ms-Excel, Ms-Access, Oracle 11i, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Ms-SQL, MySQL, FoxPro, Pinga, Magento, Busy, Java, PHP, .Net & Microsoft etc.

·         Tally Services, Tally Sales

Tally Fusion (Power of Migration):

·         Fusion 2012 (Data Migration from any Software/ Database To Tally)

·         Fusion MIS 2012 (Customized Excel Sheet Reporting based on Tally & Other Database

·         Backup Ingenious (Automatic backup of Tally Data, Emails, Important Documents etc).

Tally Data Migration :

·         Excel To Tally

·         Tally To Excel

·         Excel Based any customized report linked with Tally

·         Any Databases as FoxBASE/Dbase/Access/Oracle/DB2 etc. To Tally and Vice-Versa.

·         Any ERP to Tally and Tally to ERP(SAP, PeopleSoft/ BAAN/Ramco/Ingenious ERP)

·         Excel Based Schedule VI Balance Sheet linked with Tally

·         Real time Data Migration from any Software To Tally

Ø  Online Tally Bank-Reconcile

Ø  1000 Vouchers Migrate in 10 minutes

Ø  Bill by Bill Maintained

Ø  Cost Centre Maintained

Ø  Inventory Maintained

Currently Tally Migration Running Successfully

ü  Oracle Finance                               - 5 Companies

ü  SAP                                                - 4 Companies

ü  Hospital Management System       - 5 Companies

ü  PeopleSoft (ERP)                          - 8 Companies

ü  INGENIOUS (ERP)                                - 23 Companies

ü  Schedule VI Balance Sheet           - 85 Companies

ü  Excel Based Reporting                  - 92 Companies

ü  Billing Software                              - 42 Companies

ü  Dbase/ FoxPro Data Migration       -32 Companies

Sales & Support Call: 011- 40529090 (100 Line), 09911276790,,

Company Profile :

Cevious Technologies (P) Limited founded in 2005 and emphasizing software solutions. Cevious Technologies (P) Limited is a diverse quality services, where a rich tradition of quality oriented services is the common denominator. Cutting Edge technology – Developing it as well as putting it in use – is the mission and focal point for Cevious Technologies (P) Limited, faculty & support personnel including the information technology, BPO (Business process outsourcing) and services department. The prime objective of the company is to partner with the customer to make a positive difference in the customer's business. These are retained in letter and spirit till today.

Cevious Technologies (P) Limited is primarily involved in the development and marketing of software products and related services like training, implementation, customization, custom development and support services.

Cevious Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

C 220/4, [3rd Floor], Savitri Nagar, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110 017

Ph: 011- 40529090 (100 Line), 09911276790


Web :